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What We Do

Here are just a few of your accomplishments…

Habitat for Humanity

Served a community in Celina, TX, and developed camaraderie among
members, had great exercise, learned new things, had lots of fun,
good food and helped build someone’s dream house, all in one day!
This had to have been a very fulfilling first project.

Caroling 2007

The Caroling Project has been our biggest fundraising event last year.
Aren’t you glad y’all are blessed with such great voices?! Special
thanks to all who participated. All your sacrifices don’t go unappreciated.

Noche Buena 2007

About 40 families benefited from this project. This project was held at San Fernando de Dilao Parish in Paco, Manila. Pre-packaged Noche Buena goods were given to needy families from surrounding areas of the parish.

This was made possible by Dorie Zarate with help from Jay and Susan Montefalcon and their families in coordination with the Parish Council.


Scholarship Project

Through Outreach Asia, we had successfully sponsored two students from Southern Leyte University. We had committed funds to support them through four years of college.

Both students are on their freshman year taking on Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Garage Sale 2008

This is another huge fundraising project for Pamana.
Your donated items generated $837.06!